Experience the Badger days of Summer.

Hear students — from UW-Madison and across the globe — talk about their experiences at Summer Term.

Three- to eight-week classes. A world-class university, nationally and internationally recognized for academic excellence. Incredible students, inspiring faculty, exceptional value.

Whether you want to focus on a challenging course or stay on track for graduation, enjoy the atmosphere of UW-Madison summer term, soak up the awesome summer weather, and take advantage of the boatloads of fun stuff to do.

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10 good reasons why UW-Madison’s summer term should be a part of your June, July and August:

  1. There are more than 1000 three-week to eight-week courses to choose from on campus, and over 100 available online.
  2. Nothing complements a textbook better than a bowl of Babcock ice cream on the Terrace.
  3. That challenging class you’ve been putting off doesn’t seem so bad when it’s the only one you’re taking.
  4. Summer term is a great excuse to experience how awesome Madison is in the summer.
  5. Concerts on the Square, Memorial Union Terrace, and Farmers’ Markets — need we say more?
  6. The walk to class is actually enjoyable when it is warm and sunny outside.
  7. Earning credits during the summer makes studying abroad, participating in a semester-long co-op or internship AND graduating on time possible.
  8. UW-Madison in the summer is something everyone should experience at least once.
  9. New and upgraded online course offerings make it convenient to earn credits and lighten your workload for the fall semester.
  10. On campus or online, UW-Madison’s summer term makes it possible to enjoy summer and get ahead in your studies — from anywhere!

UW–Madison Students

Summer break? Or summer breakthrough? Focusing on just one or two classes at a time allows you to see possibilities you may not have seen otherwise.

Learning does not stop in the summer at UW-Madison. Over 12,000 students take summer courses each year. Lighten your fall or spring course load, get a tough course out of the way, and earn credit to advance your academic or professional goals. And, you don’t have to be in Madison to keep your college plan moving: More than 60 courses are offered online. 

If you are a current degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student at UW-Madison, enroll for the summer term as you would for fall or spring semester. Here are other important things for current students to know about summer term:

Summer Term Information for Current Students

Other College Students

Enhance your experience on your own campus by spending a summer on ours.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a world-class university, nationally and internationally recognized for our academic excellence, incredible students, inspiring faculty, exceptional value, and an amazing campus and community. Explore the breadth of summer options available to you this summer on our campus.

Madison – the state’s capital city – offers the perfect combination of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, distinctive restaurants, unique shops and vibrant nightlife. Not to mention the university’s Memorial Union Terrace, famous for its gorgeous views of Lake Mendota, live music and vivacious ambiance. 

And if it is just the classes you need, you don’t have to be in Madison to keep your college plan moving: More than 60 of our courses are offered online. 

Applying is free and there’s no obligation. Here’s how:

  1. Explore our summer courses.
  2. Gain prior approval from your current institution to ensure these credits will be accepted toward your degree (most schools have a formal process for doing this).
  3. Apply to UW–Madison using the UW System application (even if you attend another UW campus). After logging in, select "visiting" student (University Special student) from the options. International students from other universities should select the International Students tab for more information.
  4. Submit a recent transcript from your current institution showing that you are in good standing and have a minimum GPA of 2.0.
  5. Allow 5 to 7 days for application processing.
  6. After you are admitted, follow UW–Madison enrollment instructions to enroll in courses (beginning in April).
  7. When you have completed your course and grades have been posted in your MyUW Student Center, order a transcript to be sent to your academic institution.

International Students

Aigerim came from nearly 10,000 miles away, yet feels right at home at UW-Madison Summer Term.

In achievement and prestige, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has long been recognized as one of the great universities in the United States. Our university welcomes undergraduate and graduate-level international students to study on our campus for a summer.  Select the group that is right for you (current UW-Madison Students select the UW-Madison Students tab for more information).

Still unsure of which category you should choose?  Please contact the advisors in Adult Career and Special Student Services. 

Adults and Professionals

The doors are open at UW–Madison for adults interested in taking a class to enhance a skill, explore a new career path, prepare for graduate school or pursue an interest.

  1. Explore our summer courses.
  2. Apply to UW–Madison using the UW System application. Select the classification that best meets your needs:
    • Professional development or personal enrichment: UNDS
    • Preparation for admission to graduate or professional school: UNRS
  3. Allow 5 to 7 days for application processing.
  4. After you are admitted, follow UW–Madison enrollment instructions to enroll in courses (beginning in April).

Guest Auditing

Do you enjoy learning? Don't care about earning credits? Guest auditing allows you to sit in on lecture style university courses without taking exams or completing assignments. There are two types of auditors. Learn more about guest auditing.

Senior Learning

Check out our Senior Learning website for additional learning opportunities.