Quiz: Which campus attraction are you this summer?

Many campus-area sites and sights are synonymous with summer, from the colorful chairs on the Memorial Union Terrace to the Library Mall fountain that returned to life after a six-year dry spell. Which one represents you best this season? Take this fun quiz to find out.


1. What’s your preferred place to study in the summertime?

a. A secluded area with a nice breeze

b. Anyplace with snacks

c. Somewhere near Memorial Library

d. A space brimming with the beauty of nature

e. A spot with plenty of chairs for your study group

f. Outside, sprawled on the ground for maximum comfort


2. It’s Friday night. What are you up to?

a. Stargazing near Lakeshore Path

b. Having dinner with friends

c. Strolling down State Street

d. Going on a night hike

e. Attending a movie or concert

f. Either watching sports or watching the grass grow


3. You’re taking up a new hobby this summer. What is it?

a. Playing the acoustic guitar. It creates just the right vibe on a summer night.

b. Cheesemaking. It’s so Wisconsin.

c. Water ballet. It’s old-school in a good way.

d. Biking. It’s a fun way to travel across campus and beyond.

e. Pinochle. It’s great for groups large and small.

f. Hill running. It’s time to get in shape for the fall.


4. Which of these activities reminds you of summer the most?

a. Toasting marshmallows

b. Chasing ice cream trucks

c. Going barefoot

d. Looking at birds and flowers

e. Sailing

f. Playing croquet, bocce, or another lawn game


5. You’re writing a paper about campus history. Which topic do you choose?

a. Ancient settlements on Lake Mendota’s south shore

b. Innovations in the Department of Dairy Science

c. Library Mall’s art and architecture

d. The abandoned housing development locals call “the Lost City”

e. Student social activities, 1928-present

f. That 1979 stunt involving 1,008 plastic flamingos


Answer key

Mostly a’s: You are a fire pit at Picnic Point! You crave outdoor adventures, introspective moments, and quality time with your friends this summer.

Picnic Point

Mostly b’s: You are a scoop of ice cream at the Babcock Hall Dairy Store! You know the importance of treating yourself from time to time, and you’re eager to get a taste of many Wisconsin traditions.

UW-Madison ice cream

Mostly c’s: You are the Hagenah Fountain on Library Mall! Learning about campus history interests you, and so do beating the heat and exploring the State Street area.

Hagenah Fountain at UW-Madison

Mostly d’s: You are a bike path through the Arboretum! As a nature lover ready to explore every inch of campus, you’re bound to have an excellent summer in Madison.

UW-Madison Arboretum biking

Mostly e’s: You are a Terrace chair at Memorial Union! You enjoy people-watching, cultural events, and group activities ranging from study groups to card games.

UW-Madison Terrace chair

Mostly f’s: You are Bucky Badger on Bascom Hill! The thrill of college athletics and the majesty of a campus landmark symbolize your bold plans for this summer.

Bucky Badger reading


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