Students share favorite Summer Term study spots

UW-Madison Summer Term student Lisa Klein on patio

Summer is here and Summer Term students are hard at work completing coursework, participating in online discussions, conducting research and writing papers.

But studying in the summer has some advantages, as evidenced by these photos from current Summer Term students. Whether these study spots offer a beautiful view, a familiar face or some adorable pets, they’re helping these Badgers stay motivated and inspired all summer long. Take a look.

Lisa Klein, junior (shown above)
Location: Deerfield, IL
Majors: Biology and life science communications
Summer Term courses: Visualizing Science and Technology; Science, Media and Society; Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory; Introduction to Biochemistry

“I love studying in my backyard surrounded by nature. Since being in quarantine, this has been my little outside sanctuary. We’ve been doing a lot of gardening and I like being able to see it. It’s also fun being surrounded by plants because my biology lab last semester got cut short so this is my way to put what I learned about plants into action.”

Desk with laptop and fish tank, and #FutureBadger banner on the wall

Haley Broberg, freshman
Location: Oak Creek, WI
Major: Pre-nursing
Summer Term courses: Introduction to Psychology; Counseling Psychology; How to Succeed in College

“My favorite part of my study spot is my betta fish tank, as well as the photos I have displayed of my loved ones. The sight of my betta fish, Jamal, and the sound of his waterfall help calm me and keep me focused on my school work. Seeing the photos of the people I love remind me why I work hard; they encourage me to be more successful in everything that I do. I’m glad to be part of the Sconnie family.”

UW-Madison Summer Term student Henry Lee at dining room table with sister Deirdre

Henry Lee, sophomore
Location: Lisle, IL
Major: Food science
Summer Term courses: Ethnobotany; teaching assistant for CALS QuickStart program

“My study spot is my dining room. Although it’s a very basic setting, many of its components bring me joy and take me back to UW. I drink coffee every time I study, and although the campus coffee is truly one of my favorites, I almost always go to Dunkin Donuts to buy coffee now. Also, I like to study with my sister [Deirdre, a senior at the University of Michigan] because it helps me focus, just like how campus study groups maintain my attention.”

Laptop and iced coffee on rocky beach with lake view in background

Grace Marchek, freshman
Location: Shoreview, MN
Major: Neurobiology
Summer Term courses: Introduction to Psychology; Counseling Psychology

“I like studying outside and finding different little coffee shops in whatever area I am in. This photo was taken at the Java Moose outdoor café in Grand Marais, Minnesota. I like this coffee shop in particular because it’s usually not very busy and it’s a pretty quiet area by the lake where I can study without distractions.”

Outdoor deck with two doodle dogs in background, one smaller

Nicole Kane, freshman
Location: Arlington Heights, IL
Major: Genetics & genomics
Summer term course: College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS) Quickstart program

“I love studying outside on my deck and try to take advantage of the sun whenever it’s out. My family fell victim to the new quarantine fad, adopting a puppy [named Finnegan] and I like this spot because I can watch him and my older dog, Ozzy, and take breaks to play whenever I need one. This spot eliminates distractions that are inside my house and helps reduce the feeling of being trapped doing work all day.”

Open laptop on desk with nighttime cityscape screen saver, plush Pokemon toys next to laptop

Rocky Barr, freshman
Location: Sturtevant, WI
Majors: Math and physics
Summer Term courses: Introduction to Psychology; How to Succeed in College; Wisconsin Experience Seminar

“I study in my room, the same space I studied during high school, which makes it a little more comfortable and familiar. I’ve completed a lot of assignments in this space, and while sometimes that includes a lot of stress, it also reminds me that I have been able to succeed with — or in spite of — that anxiety. I share my room with two of my four brothers, so there are usually Pokémon toys scattered around. My screen saver is from a game called Transistor, and I really like the design and art choices. Although I’m not currently planning on majoring in Computer Science, this game was one of the reasons I considered it.”

UW-Madison Summer Student Emma Bucezky studying at table with umbrella on outdoor patio, surrounded by plants

Emma Buzecky, senior
Location: Whitefish Bay, WI
Majors: Environmental studies and conservation biology
Summer Term courses: Marine Biology; Extinction of Species

“I love my back patio because I planted all of the plants that are in the garden. We’ve had butterflies and a hummingbird visit to pollinate them. It’s very calming to be surrounded by my thriving plants and to be outside in the sun, as winters in Wisconsin (as we all know) are notoriously long. This spot helps connect me to my major and reminds me of the importance of nature for mental and physical health. Sometimes reading about how we’re in the Sixth Mass Extinction can be stressful, and getting some fresh air and sunshine is always helpful for decompressing!”

Got a favorite summer study spot you want to share? We’d love to see it! Share with us at summerterm@wisc.edu or tag us on Instagram at #uwsummer.

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