Summer Term’s hands-on learning experiences

Many students enroll in Summer Term to get experience in their fields and prepare for future careers. Here’s a sampling of this summer’s courses that emphasize learning-by-doing.

Wildlife Ecology Summer Field Practicum
Students in the Wildlife Ecology Summer Field Practicum work in a lodge overlooking Tomahawk Lake. (Photo by Bryce Richter/UW-Madison)
Rural Community Health Clinical Immersion
A three-week trip to northern Wisconsin for the Rural Community Health Clinical Immersion.
Ancient Technology and Invention
Re-creating artifacts in Ancient Technology and Invention.

Glass: Intro to Lampworking
Transforming glass rods in Intro to Lampworking.

Forest and Wildlife Ecology 424: Wildlife Ecology Summer Field Practicum

Students travel to Woodruff, Wis., to study wildlife up close. They capture small mammals, sample vegetation, and master bird survey techniques. Home base is a wood lodge overlooking beautiful Tomahawk Lake, complete with wireless Internet access and computer lab.

General Business 450: Professional Experience with Business

General Business 450 allows students to get an internship in the field and still earn credit at UW-Madison. In a final essay, they reflect on their experiences and the skills they gained.

Nursing 590: Rural Community Health Clinical Immersion

Students take a three-week trip to northern Wisconsin to immerse themselves in rural health care. They study rural public health systems, the role of a public health nurse, and other topics relevant to remote communities.

Anthropology 352: Ancient Technology and Invention

Students alternate between the classroom and Picnic Point, where they re-create ancient artifacts using archeological techniques.

Art 448: Glass: Intro to Lampworking

Working with a torch, students transform translucent glass rods into spatial forms. The final project involves creating site-specific spaces.

Animal Science 444: Laboratory Techniques in Mammalian Gamete and Embryo Biology

In this combined lab/lecture class, students apply knowledge directly in their formation of cell cultures from scratch. On Monday, each grouping of three to four students receives an ethical dilemma that they’ll debate on Friday.

Geoscience 459: Field Geology

Students travel to Park City, Utah, to get hands-on experience in geologic mapping. Bonus: the mountainous beauty of the American West.

Political Science 427: Legislative Internship

Students learn how legislation is crafted at the local, state, and federal levels, earning three credits toward a political science major.

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