Welcome to your UW-Madison summer

Summer is a special time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. You can chill on the Terrace while advancing your degree at a leisurely pace. Even if you’re taking an online course from out of town, you can still have a version of a UW-Madison summer—an academic breakthrough without the pressure of a full course load.

What are students looking forward to at the start of Summer Term 2017?

Headshot of Tze Ching Ooi

Staying here

So much is happening at UW-Madison in the summer. There’s the Farmers’ Market around Capitol Square, sailing and kayaking on Lake Mendota, open mic and movie night at the Terrace, biking around Lake Monona, fitness classes at the NAT and the SERF, volunteering at Bethel Food pantry. Whatever you want to do, the options are limitless.
Tze Ching Ooi

Sydney Sobon


The best part taking summer classes is staying in Madison and visiting all the cool places around campus that I didn’t have time to visit during the school year! A few places I’ve seen so far are the Geology Museum, the Chazen Museum of Art, Picnic Point, and Henry Vilas zoo.
Sydney Sobon

Headshot of Sophia Reeves

Lightening the load

Summer Term presents a ton of new opportunities that I wouldn’t have during the traditional academic year. This summer I plan to take an advanced post-production class in the Communication Arts Department, one that tends to fill up fast. Taking this class during the summer gives me room to breathe. I don’t have to worry about juggling credits around such a difficult workload, and that means I can actually enjoy it!
Sophia Reeves

Headshot of Emma Stutzman

Studying from anywhere

I chose to take classes online this summer because it allows me to meet requirements more quickly and makes my class load a little lighter in the fall so I can participate in other opportunities on campus. Plus, the classes are interesting and keep me engaged in learning during the summer!
Emma Stutzman

Flowers on Observatory Hill

Staying on track for graduation

I love Summer Term at UW-Madison because it allows me to stay on top of my goals to reach graduation, and studying is more enjoyable when you get to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery of campus in the summertime with your peers.
Sophia Silva

Headshot of JiYeon Kim

Getting ahead of the game

One of the positive things about studying at UW-Madison is getting credits with only a few weeks of effort. I expect to graduate about a semester earlier thanks to the summer semester here at UW-Madison.
JiYeon Kim

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