Summer 2021 Course Preview

Make Summer Term work for you

Start your summer planning now with the Summer 2021 Course Preview, a snapshot of more than 500 courses UW-Madison will offer during Summer Term 2021. The complete list of 1,000 Summer Term courses will be available February 2021. Explore courses by subject, along with details on fulfillments and requirements.

Check out these summer options, then contact your advisor to discuss if Summer Term courses could fit into your academic career.

Explore the Summer 2021 Course Preview

Taking a Summer Term course (or two!) can help you:

  • Stay on track for graduation
  • Lighten your load in spring and fall
  • Enroll in popular and required courses
  • Focus on a particularly challenging course
  • Learn from anywhere, with online courses

Important dates for spring and summer term

Unlike fall and spring terms, Summer Term session dates and lengths vary. Courses are taught at an accelerated pace, so be sure to schedule courses when you can meet study and homework demands. Due to Covid-19, some of these dates may change. Be sure to check the Registrar’s Office Dates & Deadline webpage for up to date information on Summer 2021 enrollment and drop deadlines.

  • February, 2021: Full Summer Term 2021 Course Search and Enroll App released with the complete list of 1,000 summer courses, including dates, times, and locations.
  • Early February, 2021: Spring drop deadline. If you are considering adjusting your spring 2021 schedule based on courses available during Summer Term, be sure to do so by this date for 100% tuition adjustment. Make sure to check out the full Course Search and Enroll App for details on dates, times, and locations in advance of the first spring drop deadline so the classes fit into your summer plans.
  • Late March, 2021: Summer Term enrollment begins. Any adjustments to summer courses (including updates to dates, times, locations, or course cancellations) after this date will be communicated by the academic departments.
  • Popular sessions
    • Early 4 week: May 17-June 11
    • 8 Week: June 14-Aug. 6
    • 4 week: June 14-July 9
    • 4 week: July 12-Aug 6

Explore the Summer 2021 Course Preview

You can filter the courses by subject and delivery method. “In-Person (Covid Pending)” are courses Departments are planning to offer face-to-face on campus, but if Covid-19 does not allow us to be in person this summer, these courses may shift to a virtual format or will not be offered. “Online Only” courses will happen online, regardless of any decision made on in-person courses. If you have any questions, please reach out to

**Departments are currently planning on offering these courses pending unforeseen schedule changes.

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