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University Housing employs around 2,000 student employees throughout the year.  The expansiveness of the University Housing operation means there is a variety of employment opportunities available. Students gain a variety of skills that will help you succeed academically, in your career post-college, and for the rest of your life.

Additionally, University Housing participates in the WiGrow  program that provides each student with an opportunity to grow and recognize transferrable skills they are acquiring through Housing employment.


There are plenty of opportunities for full or part time employment on campus during Summer Term.  Many campus employers provide schedule flexibility that allows students to earn money and make progress on their academics in the summer.  The Student Job Center lists summer job openings located at UW-Madison and off-campus in the private and public sectors.

Looking for a volunteer opportunity?  Badger Volunteers pairs teams of students with schools, nonprofits, and other types of community organizations. Participants volunteer one to four hours each week at the same organization throughout Summer Term, developing meaningful connections with the people they serve. Transportation, training, and more are provided.

Volunteer assignments fall into one of three categories—education, sustainability, and public health—but opportunities are available for a variety of majors and interests. Visit the Morgridge Center for Public Service to learn more.


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