Summer break - or summer breakthrough?

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Summer break — or summer breakthrough?

Tuition and Fees

Several support offices on campus will assist you with different aspects of your summer tuition and fees.

The Office of the Registrar posts the summer tuition and fee rates for all students. The Bursar’s Office provides the tuition bill as an electronic eBill. The Bursar’s Office will send an alert to students’ and Authorized Payers’ e-mail when a new eBill is available to view on the secure website. The Office of Student Financial Aid assists students in determining eligibility for grants and loans.

Helpful links regarding tuition & fees:

Scholarships and Financial Aid for Summer Term

Summer Term can be an affordable way to stay on track for graduation or even graduate early, saving money on tuition, housing, and more down the road. Plus, taking summer courses can lighten your load in future semesters, making it easier to manage part-time employment or search for your first post-graduation job. However, students have cited finances as a barrier to participating in Summer Term. Scholarships and financial aid options exist to make Summer Term budget friendly.

Helpful links to scholarships & financial aid:

Traditional financial aid, including federal student loans and grants, can also be used for Summer Term. Learn about the summer financial aid application process, and contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for more information.


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