Visiting international student 2017 cohort

International Students

In achievement and prestige, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has long been recognized as one of the United States’ great universities. Our university welcomes undergraduate and graduate-level international students to study on our campus for a summer. Whether you are currently in the United States studying at another institution or you are in your home country wishing to come for just a few weeks, UW–Madison is a great choice for your summer educational plans.


Please contact University Housing for more information and how to apply. Located in the heart of campus, with easy access to bus lines, dining halls, fitness centers, and more, they’re a convenient place to live and get to know other students.

Looking for off-campus housing near UW–Madison? The Campus Area Housing (CAH) office maintains a free, searchable list of rental vacancies, sublets, Private Housing Connections properties, and roommate openings in apartments and houses.

Tuition & fees

Several support offices on campus will assist you with different aspects of your summer tuition and fees.

The Bursar’s Office posts the summer tuition and fee rates for all students. The Bursar’s Office provides the tuition bill as an electronic eBill. The Bursar’s Office sends an alert to students’ wisc.edu and to Authorized Payers’ email when a new eBill is available to view on the secure website.

Applying is easy and there’s no obligation

Here’s how:

  • If you are a current degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student at UW–Madison, enroll for Summer Term as you would for fall or spring semester through MyUW. See Current UW–Madison students for more information.
  • Visiting International Students—either inside or outside the United States—who are not on a formal exchange program and wish to study at UW–Madison for Summer Term or longer, visit Summer at UW–Madison with VISP (Visiting International Student Program).
  • For those wanting to study English as a second language full-time while here at UW–Madison, visit English as a Second Language (UNES).

Still unsure of which category you should choose? Contact the advisors in Adult Career and Special Student Services at advising@dcs.wisc.edu.