University of Wisconsin–Madison
Summer session students continue archeology site excavation at Aztalan State Park

UW-Madison Summer Term is a smart, convenient way to make progress toward your degree and gear up for your career. Enjoy student life and summer scenery by taking classes on campus, or learn from anywhere through an online course. With more than 1,000 courses offered, you can sample courses from several departments, or focus your studies with one of our Curricular Tracks.

Are you a student from another university?

Whether on campus or online, we’d love to have you spend your summer with us!

Learn how to apply to take a summer course 

Speak to an advisor at your school and gain prior approval before enrolling in a course. Most schools have a formal process for transferring credits. If you’re a student at another UW System school, see how UW-Madison credits may apply to requirements at your institution using the Transfer Wizard. Then talk to your advisor to make sure transfer credits apply to your major or academic program.

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Arts & Humanities

Literature, history, philosophy, film, and related arts and humanities courses provide valuable context that help you sharpen your critical thinking skills, which are crucial for analyzing information and asking intelligent questions, no matter what field you pursue. Study them during Summer Term and you’re bound to have an incredible experience.


Grainger hall business school


Choose from a wide variety of business courses to gain focus in your career and acquire the skills you need to make a difference in your future organization. We even have specialized courses in Accounting & Finance and Management & Marketing for non-business majors to introduce you to basic concepts and practices that will help you in your future field.


The UW-Madison School of Engineering building


Learn from top-notch faculty, and complete requirements that prepare you for subsequent engineering coursework — and prepare you to meet 21st-century engineering needs. You’ll gain the technological tools, resources and knowledge that will help you develop solutions to problems in fields ranging from medicine to energy to manufacturing—and many more.


An aerial view of campus

Economics & Political Science

Economics and Political Science are two of UW-Madison’s largest majors. An education in economics benefits not only students majoring exclusively in the subject, but also those in other majors as it provides a framework for understanding how and why human exchanges work, making it relevant for many fields where human interaction occurs. Political Science courses are concerned with exploring the exercise of power in its myriad forms and consequences. When you study political science, you gain practical knowledge, intellectual depth, and conceptual tools to pursue careers in law, business, journalism, public service, and education.


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Foreign Languages

Want to immerse yourself in a language this summer? From Arabic to Uzbek, we’ve got you covered. You could enroll in a Summer Language Institutes or take an online class. It is a wonderful way to meet other language learners, practice the skills you are learning, and complete a foreign language requirement.


Students working with nursing simulation mannequin


We offer a wide range of pre-health courses during Summer Term, including face-to-face and online options. Take an introductory course such as General Chemistry I or II (Chemistry 103 or 104) to meet basic requirements for a science degree, or beef up your transcript for grad school applications with a more specialized class such as Human Anatomy (Anatomy 328).


Pre-law students in class


Unlike other pre-professional tracks in college, there is no prerequisite coursework that students must complete in order to apply to law school. Summer Term offers many courses that are heavy on reading, writing, research and analysis are available to help you develop useful skills for law school.