University of Wisconsin–Madison
Students explore screen printing in a summer art class

Subjects like history, literature, philosophy, and music foster critical thinking and provide valuable context no matter what major you choose. That’s why UW-Madison and many other colleges require undergrads to take courses in humanities and the arts.

Make progress toward your degree this summer by meeting requirements such as language, literature, and ethnic studies, and become a well-rounded learner in the process. Contact your advisor to see which courses might help you graduate faster or lighten your load in a future semester.

Below is just a sample of some of the arts and humanities courses offered in 2018. The examples feature a combination of courses that are offered on-campus or online. Example courses are grouped by theme or UW-Madison degree requirements they fulfill.

Joining us on-campus this summer?

Madison combines the tranquility of a mid-sized city with the cultural opportunities of a major metropolitan center. Below are of just some of the museums and other cultural centers near UW-Madison that you can enjoy this summer.

*Some or all sections of this course are online.

Student screen printing in art class


-Art 100: Introduction to Art*
-Dance 168: Dancing Gender: Embodiment, Politics and Feminist Theory*
-Landscape Architecture 250: Survey of Landscape Architecture Design*
-Theater 362: Drama for Teaching and Learning

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-Astronomy 206: History of Astronomy and Cosmology
-Environmental Studies 113: The Humanistic Perspective
-History 201: The Historian’s Craft (Topics Vary, Com B)*
-Life Sciences Communication 350: Visualizing Science and Technology*
-Music 151: Basic Concepts of Music Theory*
-Art History 202: History of Western Art II: From Renaissance to Contemporary*

Student in literature class


-African Studies 210: The African Story Teller
-Classics 370: Classical Mythology
-English 145: American Dreamers*
-Literature in Translation 275: The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen
-Literature in Translation 360: French and Italian Renaissance Literature Online*

Ethnic studies class working outside on Bascom Hill

Ethnic Studies

-African American Studies 154: Hip-Hop and Contemporary American Society
-American Indian Studies 444: Native American Environmental Issues and the Media
-Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies 245: Chicana and Latina History (Com B)
-Communication Arts 373: Intercultural Communication & Rhetoric*
-History 227: Explorations in the History of Race and Ethnicity*