Summer students screen printing.

Arts and Humanities

Subjects like history, literature, philosophy, and music foster critical thinking and provide valuable context no matter what major you choose. That’s why UW-Madison and many other colleges require undergrads to take courses in humanities and the arts.

Make progress toward your degree this summer by meeting requirements such as language, literature, and ethnic studies, and become a well-rounded learner in the process. Contact your advisor to see which courses might help you graduate faster or lighten your load in a future semester.

Below is just a sample of some of the arts and humanities courses offered in 2021. The examples feature a combination of courses that are offered on-campus or online. Example courses are grouped by theme or UW-Madison degree requirements they fulfill.

Joining us on-campus this summer?

Madison combines the tranquility of a mid-sized city with the cultural opportunities of a major metropolitan center. Below are of just some of the museums and other cultural centers near UW-Madison that you can enjoy this summer.

*Some or all sections of this course are online.


Summer students in theatre class
  • Art 100: Introduction to Art*
  • Landscape Architecture 250: Survey of Landscape Architecture Design*


Summer students in comm arts class
  • Communication Arts 300: Film Comedy*
  • Life Sciences Communication 350: Visualizing Science and Technology*
  • Music 151: Basic Concepts of Music Theory*
  • Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics 103: Principles of Engineering from the Renaissance to Modern Times*


Student in literature class
  • Classics 370: Classical Mythology*
  • Literature in Translation 360: French and Italian Renaissance Literature Online*
  • Spanish 224: Introduction to Hispanic Literatures*

Ethnic Studies

Ethnic studies class working outside on Bascom Hill
  • Afro-American Studies 156: Black Music and American Cultural History*
  • American Indian Studies 450: American Indian Art – A Closer Look*
  • Dance 121: Asian American Movement*
  • Library & Information Studies 202: Informational Divides and Differences in a Multicultural Society*
  • Sociology 200: Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer+ Studies*
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