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Take engineering courses at UW-Madison this summer

As a UW-Madison engineering student, you won’t just learn. You’ll imagine, create, and transform. With inspiring educational experiences during Summer Term and beyond, the College of Engineering aims to change the world for the better through innovation. Faculty from different engineering disciplines collaborate to contribute to fields like healthcare, energy, advanced manufacturing, and materials innovation, and their students go on to shape the future.

Below is a sample of engineering courses offered in 2017, including on-campus and online options. Example courses are grouped by theme or UW-Madison degree requirements they fulfill. Ask your advisor which courses might help you graduate faster or lighten your load in a future semester.

Introductory engineering courses

  • Engineering Mechanics 201:  Statics
  • Mechanical Engineering 231: Introduction to Engineering Graphics
  • Materials Science and Engineering 350: Intro to Materials Science

Technical communication

  • Engineering Professional Development 275: Technical Presentations
  • Engineering Professional Development 397: Technical Communication

Engineering science

  • Mechanical Engineering 231: Introduction to Engineering Graphics
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering 255: Intro to Chemical Process Modeling
  • Mechanical Engineering 306:  Mechanics of Materials
  • Mechanical Engineering 342: Design of Machine Elements
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering 424: Process and Operations Laboratory

Technical electives in specific engineering disciplines

  • Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics 202: Dynamics
  • Civil Engineering 320: Environmental Engineering
  • Industrial and Systems Engineering 349: Introduction to Human Factors


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Engineering resources

With 14 undergraduate majors to choose from and a wealth of opportunities for research, internships, and co-ops, the College of Engineering is a powerhouse. Here are a few resources that help engineering students thrive:



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