High school students on a tour of campus.

Courses Available for High School Students

Below is a list of on campus courses without prerequisites that are held in June, July or August

Subject Course Number Course Title
Asian American Studies 101 Introduction to Asian American Studies
Atmospheric & Oceanic Studies 102 Climate & Climate Change
Botany 260 Introductory Ecology
Chicana/o & Latina/o Studies 245 Chicana and Latina History
Classics 320 The Greeks
Consumer Science 173 Consuming Happiness
Communication Arts 100 Introduction to Speech Composition
Comparative Literature 203 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Literary Forms: I Love Livin in the City: Punk, Comix, Avantgardes
East Asian Languages & Literature 123 Elementary Japanese
Environmental Studies 113 Environmental Studies: The Humanistic Perspective
Environmental Studies 260 Introductory Ecology
Folklore Program 100 Introduction to Folklore
Folklore Program 103 Introduction to Music Cultures of the World
French 101 First Semester French
French 102 Second Semester French
Gender & Women’s Studies 245 Chicana and Latina History
Geography 101 Introduction to Human Geography
Geoscience 110 Evolution & Extinction
German 101 First Semester German
History 213 Jews & American Pop Culture
History 245 Chicana and Latina History
Italian 101 First Semester Italian
Jewish Studies 213 Jews & American Pop Culture
Kinesiology 235 Human Physiology & Health
Landscape Architecture 250 Survey of Landscape Architecture Design
Landscape Architecture 260 History of Landscape Architecture
Literature in Translation 275 In Translation: The Tales of Hans Christian Andersen
Music 103 Introduction to Music Cultures of the World
Music 113 Music in Performance
Religious Studies 173 Consuming Happiness
Slavic Languages 101 First Semester Russian
Sociology 120 Marriage & Family
Sociology 134 Problems of American Racial & Ethnic Minorities
Sociology 138 The Sociology of Gender
Zoology 230 Introductory Ecology