Gender and Communication

Effective communication requires awareness of how gender influences communication and our capacity to build lasting and meaningful relationships. Learn about theories and concepts to understand how gender influences our interpersonal, professional, and social lives. Topics include terms and concepts relevant to the study of how we communicate about gender, sex and sexuality, including identity, language and nonverbal behavior, socialization, close personal relationships, education, work, violence, media and social movements. Enroll Info: None

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Online Comm & Personal Rltnshp

Examines how personal relationships unfold in online communication contexts (social network sites, online dating, video games). Topics include impression formation and management, deception and trust, self-perception and identity, social support and relationship maintenance. Enroll Info: None

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Intro to Speech Composition

Learn how to give effective oral presentations in a variety of public speaking situations and to become better consumers of written and oral discourse. Learn basic composition and outlining skills as well as library research techniques. Enroll Info: None

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Intro to Digital Communication

An introduction to digital communication and how it shapes our everyday lives. Students will develop digital communication skills, explore digital media tools and trends, and examine expressions of power online. Enroll Info: None

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Sarah Candee holding a blue ribbon in her equestriam clothing

Summer Term helps Badger athlete find balance

Through UW-Madison Summer Term, Senior Badger athlete Sarah Candee juggles travel, sport and school with grace and enthusiasm.

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Bucky Badger peeking from behind a red Summer Term banner

Summer Finish scholarships help students graduate, save money and start working

Seated with his fellow graduates in Camp Randall Stadium at spring commencement, Brandon Arbuckle knew he had one loose end to tie up before leaving the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The journalism and history major from …

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Ben Sprengeler

Seven incredible Summer Term internships

Each summer, hundreds of University of Wisconsin–Madison students spread out across the globe for internships. They gain vital job skills—that’s a given. They also explore new cities, discover foreign cultures, and have a lot of …

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