Birds flying in front of a temple in Kathmandu

Badgers abroad for summer internships

Students could be found in many corners of the world this Summer Term, interning for organizations, businesses and institutions. See snapshots from their adventures.

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Statue of Bucky in graduation cap on a summer day

Summer scholarships help seniors finish strong

Meet some seniors who received summer scholarships to finish their degrees during Summer Term 2022 at UW-Madison.

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Isa Hernandez-White UW–Madison

Student’s summer internship empowers Madison youth

Rising junior Isa Hernandez-White is making the most of her summer with an internship at the City of Madison and a job at the Morgridge Center for Public Service, bridging her interests in counseling psychology and community organizations.

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Graphic that says the word 'Quiz' surrounded by question marks

How much do you know about UW summer?

How much do you know about UW summer? Test your summer knowledge and see how much Badger you have in you.

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Black & white engraving style illustration of spooky female vampire displaying fangs

Popular course takes a bite out of vampire lore

We lift the (coffin) lid for a look at one frightfully favorite summer course: LITTRANS 329 The Vampire in Literature and Film. Garlic and wood stakes are optional.

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Sara Kaska holding a red Badger t-shirt and cup and smiling

Meet a Summer Term student who’s full of heart

This rising junior with a double major is keeping busy this summer with research, work and a Summer Term course in Spanish. She’s learning a lot about cardiovascular health through her job with UW Health and in a lab.

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Student Sharifa Brevert standing in a field, doing research for a class

CALS students learn programming from National Science Foundation data project

This biological systems engineering course through the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences gives students a solid foundation in the principles of computer programming and data science — using real data from northern Wisconsin.

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Asian person leaning back and on his toes, doing a dance move

New course explores Chinese hip hop

Brendan Dowling’s in-person Summer Term course brings in guest speakers from around the world and challenges students to use critical thinking skills to analyze Chinese hip hop.

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Silhouette of three silhouettes sailing on the lake at sunset

Student-led Hoofers invites you on the lake

With clubs ranging from horseback riding to sailing and scuba, Wisconsin Hoofers teaches the outdoor skills to help you savor your summer.

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Students sitting in semi circle on terrace focused on a staff person who is talking

Academic, health, financial services available during Summer Term

Check out the many resources available to Summer Term students, including financial aid and planning, academic support, and health and wellness resources.

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