How much do you know about UW summer?

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You’re a Babcock ice cream connoisseur, a frequent paddler, a hammock studier or a Terrace regular, but how much do you really know about summer at UW–Madison? Summer Term started in 1885 and has offered the opportunity to tackle challenging courses and get ahead for fall and spring ever since. It’s also become a big part of the Wisconsin Experience for many students who have taken courses online during the summer or enjoyed the beautiful summertime in Madison.

Test your summer knowledge and see how much Badger you have in you. And while you’re thinking about summer, don’t forget to share your summer experiences with us via photos and stories on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with #MyBadgerSummer! You could win some Summer Term swag.

1. How many students enrolled in Summer Term courses last summer?
2. What’s been the most popular Summer Term course (in terms of enrollment) for the last four years?
3. Approximately how many stand up paddle board rentals are there from Outdoor UW in an average summer?
Window at the Business Library
4. If you’re studying in this UW–Madison Library this summer, you may see this work of commissioned art glass.
5. How many City of Madison and Dane County parks are there to enjoy during the summer?
6. The sunburst chairs have graced the Memorial Union Terrace since 1981. How many of those iconic seats are on the Terrace this summer?
7. Teejop (or Dejope) means “four lakes” in the Ho-Chunk language. What are the four Madison-area lakes?
8. Approximately how many students received scholarships from the Summer Term office in 2022?
9. What is the most popular ice cream flavor at the Babcock Dairy Store?
10. Approximately how many animals did the UW School of Veterinary Medicine’s teaching hospital treat last summer?
11. University Housing is welcoming 410 Summer Term housing residents in 2022. Which of the following UW–Madison residence halls will these students NOT be calling home this summer?
12. Every summer, University Theatre puts on a production. What show can you see your fellow students in this summer?

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