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Summer Term 2022 is almost in the books. How did you design your Badger summer?

If you’re like many students, you may have incorporated one (or more) of the thousand-plus courses offered through UW–Madison Summer Term. With options ranging from in-person and online courses to research positions and study abroad programs, students pursued their interests and made progress on their goals.

Here are this year’s Top 10 summer courses, by enrollment. Were you lucky enough to be in one of these trending topics?

10. PSYCH 225: Research Methods — Examines the general characteristics of the scientific method and use of experimental, observational and correlational research designs. Students explore research methods used in psychological science, including core issues from several areas of psychology.

9.  ECON 101: Principles–Microeconomics — Considers the economic problems of individuals, firms and industries with an emphasis on value, price and distribution of income.

8.  DS 579: Virtual Reality — Introduces students to the field of virtual reality and focuses on creating immersive, interactive virtual experiences. Survey topics include historical perspectives on virtual reality technology, computer graphics and 3D modeling, human perception and psychology, human-computer interaction and user interface design.

7.  MUSIC 113: Music in Performance – Descriptive lectures on chamber music with performances by instructor and others.

6.  LITTRANS 329: Vampire in Literature and Film – Explores the image of the vampire in literature and visual arts as a metaphor for Eastern Europe and the Slavic world. Begins with folklore and moves through literary texts to film and television. (Check out our recent story about this course!)

5.  BIOCHEM 501: Introduction-Biochemistry – Chemistry, nutrition and metabolism of biological systems.

4.  CURRIC 277: Videogames & Learning — Explores current research on video games and learning. Students critically reflect on the intellectual and educational merits and drawbacks of video games and how video game culture shapes how individuals think and learn.

3.  GEN BUS 106: Skills for Business Analysis — Builds fundamental skills and processes to develop a strong foundation in business analysis utilizing Excel. Students learn the fundamentals of data construction, manipulation, summarization, analysis and presentation.

2.  CHEM 344: Intro Organic Chemistry Lab – Introduces the basic synthesis, purification, and characterization techniques of organic chemistry, along with a critical interpretation of experimental data. The laboratory includes material from both Chemistry 343 and 345.

And our No. 1 course for Summer Term 2022?

1.  INTEREGR 397: Engineering Communication – Communication for engineering, science and technology; theory and practice in planning, preparing and critiquing reports, proposals, and workplace correspondence; persuasive argumentation, ethical decision-making strategies, multidisciplinary communication skills, research strategies, collaborative work; oral presentations.

Many thanks to the students, departments and organizations who shared snippets of their summer at #MyBadgerSummer. There’s still time to add your summer snaps — and you could win some swag, too!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!