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University of Wisconsin–Madison
UW-Madison Summer students engaged in conversation at the Memorial Union as the sun sets.

Adult Students & Professionals

Isn’t it time for your summer breakthrough?

The doors are open at UW–Madison for adults interested in taking a class to enhance a skill, explore a new career path, prepare for graduate school, or pursue an interest.

Applying is free and there’s no obligation. Here’s how:

  1. Explore our summer courses and programs.
  2. Apply to UW–Madison using the UW System application. Select the classification that best meets your needs:
    • Professional development or personal enrichment: UNDS
    • Preparation for admission to graduate or professional school: UNRS
  3. Allow 5 to 7 days for application processing.
  4. After you are admitted, follow UW–Madison enrollment instructions to enroll in courses, beginning in April.

Interested in learning a new subject but don’t care about earning the credits? Guest auditing allows you to sit in on lecture-style university courses without taking exams or completing assignments. Learn more:

Senior Learning doesn’t just happen in the summertime. Discover more options at Senior Learning at UW-Madison.

Available year-round, the Division of Continuing Studies offers hundreds of courses for learners of all ages. Keep your skills up to date or try something new. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) may apply.