Intro Organic Chemistry Lab

Chemistry 344 introduces the basic synthesis, purification, and characterization techniques of organic chemistry, along with critical interpretation of experimental data. The laboratory includes material from both Chemistry 343 and 345. Enroll Info: None

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Intmed Organic Chemistry

Chemistry 345 is the second course of a two-semester sequence in organic chemistry. It covers diverse themes in organic reactivity, building on a foundation provided in Chemistry 343. Chemistry 341 does not satisfy the prerequisite for 345. Enroll Info: None

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Intro Organic Chemistry

Chemistry 343 covers fundamental aspects of organic molecular structure, including stereochemistry, and introduces basic themes in organic reactivity. It is the first semester of a two-semester organic chemistry sequence. Chemistry 345 is the second course in the sequence. Class is for students expecting to take two semesters of organic chemistry. Enroll Info: None

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General Chemistry II

Principles and application of chemical equilibrium, coordination chemistry, oxidation-reduction and electrochemistry, kinetics, nuclear chemistry, introduction to organic chemistry. Lecture, lab, and discussion. Enroll Info: None

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General Chemistry I

Introduction. Stoichiometry and the mole concept, the behavior of gases, liquids and solids, thermochemistry, electronic structure of atoms and chemical bonding, descriptive chemistry of selected elements and compounds, intermolecular forces. For students taking one year or more of college chemistry; serves as a prereq for Chem 104; lecture, lab and discussion. Enroll Info: None

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graphic of sunbeams with Top 10 Summer Term courses 2021

Count down the top 10 courses

Congrats, Badgers, on meeting your goals in Summer Term 2021. Check out the top 10 courses this summer, by enrollment.

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headshot of Sindhu Shankar

Organic chem online helps lighten fall course load

Many students, like junior Sindhu Shankar, take challenging courses during Summer Term to help lighten their load for fall semester.

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graphic with sunburst that says Top 10 Summer Term 2020 courses

Count down the top Summer Term courses

Hard to believe, but Summer Term 2020 is almost in the books. It was an unprecedented summer, but about 10,900 students chose from nearly 560 valuable, thought-provoking courses that helped them get ahead of the …

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students working in a lab on a table with a beaker

Check out the top 10 summer courses this year

From accounting to zoology—with internships, study abroad and field experiences in between—Summer Term continues to add offerings. Students take courses on campus, online or both. Each year, we round up the summer courses with the …

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Trending: The top 10 Summer Term courses

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has increased the courses available for Summer Term, from prerequisites to internships to field experiences.

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