Understanding Dance

Builds understanding and appreciation for the field of Dance. Delves into dance and its’ many facets, integrating, theoretical, historical, and embodied learning through viewing, reading, reflecting, discussing and finally, creating. Develops students into an informed audience and encourages relevance to other disciplines. Enroll Info: None

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W African Dance/Music-Americas

The influence of traditional West African dance/music heritage in historical, artistic, social contexts in the development of new hybrid forms of music/dance created by cross-pollination of cultures of Africans, Europeans and indigenous peoples in the New World. Enroll Info: None

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Bucky Badger peeking from behind a red Summer Term banner

Summer Finish scholarships help students graduate, save money and start working

Seated with his fellow graduates in Camp Randall Stadium at spring commencement, Brandon Arbuckle knew he had one loose end to tie up before leaving the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The journalism and history major from …

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Imaging Self course

Imaging Self course interests high school senior in studying art at UW–Madison

Summer course gives high school students a college experience.

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