Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is a broad field that studies how individuals, families and groups acquire, consume, and dispose of goods, services, ideas and experiences. Provides an integrated view of consumer behavior that draws on psychological, economic, anthropological and sociological perspectives to enhance understanding of consumer acquisition processes. Enroll Info: None

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Fundamentls-Supply Chain Mgmt

Supply chain management (SCM) is a dynamic, cross-functional discipline that encompasses the areas of strategy, product development/innovation, marketing, finance, sourcing, production, logistics, and technology in both product and service industries. The supply chain is responsible for the sustainable and efficient movement of products, services, funds, and data along the value chain. Companies must effectively coordinate these functions not only within the firm, but with business partners and customers around the world. SCM is a critical, strategic component of any business or organization, from high-tech to healthcare, and it is a fundamental knowledge base for any student of business. Enroll Info: None

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Marketing Management

Planning and controlling the elements of the marketing program; marketing organization, product and service, packaging, pricing, promotion and physical distribution. Enroll Info: None

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Marketing in a Digital Age

A foundational understanding of digital marketing channels and how successful marketing campaigns use the numerous online and mobile platforms. Fundamentals of digital marketing including internet marketing strategies, user-generated content, search engine optimization, website design and management, inbound marketing, email marketing, social media campaigns, mobile apps, content strategy and paid search advertising. Enroll Info: None

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Yoga on Bascom Hill

Five exciting yet practical summer courses

Summer Term is an ideal time to expand your horizons. Here are five summer courses—some of which are new for 2019—that will do just that. These courses impart knowledge you can put to use immediately …

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Bucky Badger

Welcome to Summer Term 2019

Say hello to Summer Term 2019! With over 1,000 courses, an ice cream social, study parties, and much more, it’s shaping up to be one of the best summers yet. Here are a few highlights …

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