Summertime means Summer Term!

Design the summer that's right for you, enrollment for summer term is open

As we put away our winter coats and watch the final patches of ice melt from the lakes, it’s time to think about summer and all the opportunities available to continue your Badger experience. We’re here for you as you begin to design your perfect summer at UW–Madison.

Enrollment is open for Summer Term, and the Summer 2022 Course Search Guide is available now.

headshot of Aphra Mednick
Aphra Mednick, associate dean, UW–Madison Summer Term

In addition to coursework, your unique summer might include a job or an internship, travel or spending time with family and friends. We structure Summer Term so it fits around your needs and schedule. For example, courses are offered in 3-, 4- and 8-week sessions, and you can take online courses from home or anywhere in the world.

You can also choose to spend some or all your Summer Term in Madison – a city that knows how to do summer. Time on the Terrace, on the lakes or at parks is that much sweeter when you know it’s balanced with meeting academic goals.

If your goal is to graduate on time – or even early – you’ve come to the right place. Summer Term is one reason the average time-to-degree at UW–Madison is less than four years and continues to improve.

Not only do summer courses get you one step closer to graduation, but they can also help lighten your load for fall semester. With more than a thousand courses available – hundreds online – you’ll be able to take that in-demand course, focus on a challenging course or work on a certificate.

Designing the summer that’s right for you can also be right for your budget. With the Undergraduate Scholarship for Summer Study and Summer Finish scholarships, you can apply for funds to assist with the costs of your summer study. If you’re staying on campus this summer, our Summer Housing Boost program may help you cover the cost of living in residence halls during Summer Term.

But act fast – the deadline to apply for these three programs is April 10.

To start planning your perfect Summer Term, connect with your advisor, browse courses and visit the Summer Term website where you can chat with Bucky bot. We’re also happy to answer your Summer Term questions if you email us at summerterm@wisc.edu.

Happy spring, and here’s to a productive, enjoyable summer!

Aphra Mednick
Associate Dean
UW–Madison Summer Term