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Make the most of UW-Madison with Summer Term

What are you doing this summer? Take a course to make the rest of the year more manageable. Summer Term can mean less pressure and more opportunities in the spring and fall, from internships to student organizations to studying abroad.

In January, the 2018 Summer Course Guide and Schedule of Classes will provide the complete list of nearly 1,000 Summer courses including dates, times, and locations. However, you can start planning now using the 2018 Summer Course Guide Preview. The preview is a snapshot of more than 100 courses UW-Madison will offer during Summer Term 2018. Courses are listed by subject and include links to previous Course Guides where you can reference further detail on fulfillments and requirements. Check out the snapshot of summer options below, and contact your advisor > to discuss how Summer Term courses could help you achieve your goals.

Important dates for spring and summer terms

Unlike Fall and Spring terms, Summer Term session dates and lengths vary.

  • January 5, 2018: The full Summer Term 2018 Course Guide and Schedule of Classes will be released. The full Course Guide will provide the complete list of nearly 1,000 Summer courses, including dates, times and locations.
  • January 31, 2018: Spring drop deadline. If you are considering making adjustments to your Spring 2018 scheduled based on courses available during Summer Term make sure to check out the full Course Guide details on dates, times and locations in advance of the first Spring drop deadline to make sure the classes fit into your summer plans.
  • April 2, 2018: Summer Term enrollment begins. Any adjustments to courses (including updates to dates, times, locations or course cancellations) occurring after enrollment opens will be communicated by the academic departments.

Explore the Course Guide Preview

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