Check out the top 10 summer courses this year

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From accounting to zoology—with internships, study abroad and field experiences in between—Summer Term continues to add offerings. Students take courses on campus, online or both. Each year, we round up the summer courses with the highest enrollment. The students have spoken. Here are your top 10 of summer 2019:

10. ESL 118: Academic Writing II. Covering critical reading, argumentation, research papers and oral communication skills.

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Students can take Summer Term courses on campus in Madison or online from anywhere in the world.

9. PSYCH 225*: Research Methods. Exploring the scientific method in psychological science.

8. GEN&WS 103*: Women and Their Bodies in Health and Disease. Information on physiological processes and phenomena relating to women’s health.

7. PSYCH 202*: Introduction to Psychology. Introduction to the study of human study of human thought, behavior, development, personality, emotion, motivation and more.

6. ECON 102*: Principles of Macroeconomics. Measurement and models of demand and supply, plus fiscal and monetary policy for unemployment, inflation and growth.

5. BIOCHEM 501*: Introduction to Biochemistry. Chemistry, nutrition and metabolism of biological systems.

4. E P D 397*: Technical Communication. Communication for engineering, science and technology.

3. ECON 101*: Principles of Microeconomics. A look at the economic problems of individuals, firms and industries.

2. CURRIC 277*: Videogames & Learning. Students reflect on the merits and drawbacks of videogames and how they shape the way people think and learn.

And your number one class with more than 250 enrollments …

1. CHEM 344: Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory. Introducing the basic synthesis, purification and characterization techniques of organic chemistry.

A warm thank you to our summer instructors and students!

*Online courses.


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