Count down the top 10 courses for Summer Term 2023

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Hard to believe, but it’s almost time for the sun to go down on Summer Term. You’re wrapping up your last summer course or ending that internship; you savored all the Babcock flavors and studied in all the perfect hammocking spots. Or maybe you’re starting to think about fall and what’s ahead next year.

But before the sun sets on Summer Term 2023, let’s take a look at the top 10 courses, by enrollment. 

10) GEN&WS 103: Gender, Women, Bodies, and Health. Examines both physiological and social processes relating to gender and health across the lifespan among cisgender, transgender and nonbinary individuals. Examples of topics include hormonal processes, reproductive anatomy & physiology, sexuality, sexual pleasure, chronic illness, depression and sexual violence. 

9) STAT 324: Introductory Applied Statistics for Engineers. Introduces descriptive statistics, probability concepts and distributions, and random variables. Students learn hypothesis tests and confidence intervals for one- and two-sample problems as well as linear regression, model checking and inference. Teaches analysis of variance and basic ideas in experimental design.

8) STAT 371: Introductory Applied Statistics for the Life Sciences. Provides an introduction to modern statistical practice in the life sciences. Topics include exploratory data analysis, probability and random variables; one-sample testing and confidence intervals, role of assumptions, sample size determination and two-sample inference; basic ideas in experimental design, analysis of variance, linear regression and goodness-of fit; and biological applications.

7) MUSIC 113: Music in Performance. Offers descriptive lectures on chamber music with performances by instructors and others. Students attend one 50-minute lecture weekly, observing lectures on chamber music and concert performances over the course of the semester.

6) BIOCHEM 501: Introduction to Biochemistry. Introduces chemistry, nutrition and metabolism of biological systems.

5) LITTRANS 327: Vampire in Literature and Film. Explores the image of the vampire in literature and visual arts as a metaphor for Eastern Europe and the Slavic world. Begins with folklore and moves through literary texts to film and television.

4) GEN BUS 106: Foundational Skills for Business Analysis. Builds fundamental skills and processes to develop a strong foundation in business analysis utilizing Excel. Students learn the fundamentals of data construction, manipulation, summarization, analysis and presentation.

3) CHEM 344: Introductory Organic Chemistry Lab. Introduces students to the basic synthesis, purification and characterization techniques of organic chemistry, along with critical interpretation of experimental data. Covers material from CHEM 343 and CHEM 345 lecture courses.  

2) CNSR SCI 603: Retailing Internship. Enables students with supervised internships to earn academic credit while engaging in a professional experience in retailing fields. The course is intended for juniors and seniors in retailing and consumer behavior.

And, in the top spot of top 10 courses for Summer Term 2023:

1) INTEREGR 397: Engineering Communication. Communication for engineering, science and technology; theory and practice in planning, preparing and critiquing reports, proposals and workplace correspondence; persuasive argumentation, ethical decision-making strategies, multidisciplinary communication skills, research strategies and collaborative work.

With thousands of courses – hundreds online – Summer Term is here to help you stay on track for graduation and make progress toward your academic goals. Thanks, Badgers, for always making the most of summer. 

See you in Summer Term 2024!

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