Count down the top 10 courses

graphic of sunbeams with Top 10 Summer Term courses 2021

From volunteer opportunities to internships, hands-on learning to online labs, study abroad to taking courses from home, Badger students made the most of Summer Term 2021. Congratulations on getting one step closer to meeting your academic and life goals while enjoying the summer season.

Here are this year’s top 10 summer courses, by enrollment:

10. FINANCE 300: Introduction to Finance (XL) – Concepts and techniques in corporate finance and investments. Topics include the financial environment, securities markets, financial markets, financial statements and analysis, working capital management, capital budgeting, cost of capital, dividend policy, asset valuation, investments, decision making under uncertainty, mergers, options and futures.

9. LITTRANS 329: Vampire in Literature and Film – Explores the image of the vampire in literature and visual arts as a metaphor for Eastern Europe and the Slavic world. Begins with folklore and moves through literary texts to film and television.

8. M H R 300: Managing Organizations – The management of people and organizations: diversity, attitude and job satisfaction, emotions, personality and value, individual and group decision making, motivation, teams, leadership, influence, strategy, organizational structure and culture and change management.

7. BIOCHEM 501: Introduction-Biochemistry – Chemistry, nutrition and metabolism of biological systems.

6. COMP SCI 300: Programming II – Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming using classes and objects to solve more complex problems. Introduces array-based and linked data structures including lists, stacks, and queues. Programming assignments require writing and developing multi-class (file) programs using interfaces, generics and exception handling to solve challenging real-world problems.

5. OTM 300: Operations Management – Managing operations is about people, information, equipment and materials and how these are combined to produce and/or deliver goods and services to customers. Emphasis is on how systems and processes can be designed, managed and improved to achieve operations excellence and competitive advantage.

4. MUSIC 113: Music in Performance – Descriptive lectures on chamber music with performances by instructor and others.

3. CHEM 345: Intermediate Organic Chemistry – The second course of a two-semester sequence in organic chemistry, this course covers diverse themes in organic reactivity, building on a foundation provided in Chemistry 343.

2. INTEREGR 397: Engineering Communication – Communication for engineering, science and technology; theory and practice in planning, preparing and critiquing reports, proposals, and workplace correspondence; persuasive argumentation, ethical decision-making strategies, multidisciplinary communication skills, research strategies, collaborative work; oral presentations.

And (drum roll) the number one course:

1. CHEM 344: Intro Organic Chemistry Lab – Introduces the basic synthesis, purification, and characterization techniques of organic chemistry, along with critical interpretation of experimental data. The laboratory includes material from both Chemistry 343 and 345.

Thanks to all Badger summer students, faculty and staff for supporting each other and making great memories. See you next Summer Term!