Message from associate dean for Summer Term: We’re here for you!

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This last year presented challenges, transitions and dramatic changes in the way we live, work and study. But your Badger spirit has prevailed. As the seasons shift and the weather warms, many of you may be starting to think about your summer plans. Students turned to Summer Term 2020 in record numbers to take a record number of courses during a difficult time.

How about joining us this summer?

We strive each year to make Summer Term at UW–Madison a flexible option for you to achieve your goals while still taking part in other summer activities, especially as more jobs, internships and travel opportunities become available. We know you’ll also want to spend time with friends and family.

Summer Term 2021 will offer various ways to engage with online, hybrid and in-person opportunities.

Students tell us they come to Summer Term for a variety of reasons, such as the opportunity to take a general education requirement, lighten their load for the fall or the prospect of getting a bit closer to graduation.

headshot of Aphra Mednick
Aphra Mednick, associate dean, UW–Madison Summer Term

Many students use summer courses to work on certificates that help them stand out in the job market or as they apply for graduate schools. The Wisconsin School of Business added the university’s first summer-only certificate in 2020 – the Summer Certificate in Business Fundamentals. But UW–Madison has more than 50 certificates in a variety of programs, and you can fulfill certificate requirements and elective courses during Summer Term.

Increasingly, summer is a time for incoming students to get acquainted with campus before their first fall semester. First-year or transfer students can join our early start programs to earn credit, meet fellow Badgers and kick off their Madison experience early. Be sure to spread the word to incoming students that you may know.

Don’t forget, you can use financial aid for Summer Term, and scholarships are available. Last year we awarded more than 1,600 students the Undergraduate Scholarship for Summer Study, 142 Transfer Scholar Awards and more than 100 Summer Finish scholarships – a record number! This year, scholarship applications are due April 11, so get yours in soon.

As you consider Summer Term 2021, know that UW–Madison is more than a place. Being a Badger means you’re not afraid to tackle difficult challenges and set high expectations for yourself. Whether you come to campus or take one of our hundreds of online courses from wherever you are, we’re here to help you achieve your goals and work toward your degree. Visit summer.wisc.edu to learn more and enroll.

Here’s to a productive, enjoyable summer!

Aphra Mednick
Associate Dean
UW–Madison Summer Term

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