Peek into the lives of 4 Summer Term students

Student sitting at front of boat with bridge and big body if water behind them

Melisa Erman enjoying a boat ride while traveling abroad.  

European travel, barista work, dermatology internships, time on the Terrace – oh my. Summer Term students are busy this year! In between travel, work and relaxing, many of you are finding time to take courses and stay on track with academic goals. 

Check out how these four Badgers have designed their Summer Term around a variety of summer pursuits.  

Student with curly dark hair smiling with picturesque summer village behind her
Melisa Erman looking out over the hillside while studying abroad.

Melisa Erman (she/her) is a rising senior from New Berlin, Wisconsin, double majoring in computer engineering and computer science. This summer, Erman is pursuing subjects she’s passionate about outside her major: sustainability and Spanish language. Erman is enrolled in International Studies 523, a Summer Term course that is designed to complement an international internship. Through the UW-Madison International Internship Program, Erman secured an internship in Madrid as a digital project management intern for a Spanish company that promotes sustainability. Erman says she looks forward to immersing herself in Madrid’s rich culture, taking leisurely strolls through the city and hopping on the train to neighboring areas.  

Why Summer Term: “It can be overwhelming to decide what to do in the summer! I’ve decided to spend my summers with internships. That way, I get to practice skills unrelated to my major such as Spanish language and professional development. This is the education path and pace that works best for me!” 

Summer student with medium length brown hair smiling on rooftop with Wisconsin capital building in the backdrop
Julia Gries in downtown Madison.

Julia Gries (she/her) is a rising junior from Appleton, Wisconsin, majoring in legal studies with a certificate in criminal justice. She has stacked her Summer Term with Statistics 301 and African 203. Outside of school, Julia will be working a full-time, remote internship for Forefront Dermatology and bartending on Thursday nights. With her spare time she’s looking forward to spending time on the Terrace with her friends and roommates.   

Why Summer Term: “The online courses I have taken were super easy to organize and follow. They allow you to work on your own time and make your own schedule. Summer courses are great for your time management skills and help keep you on track for the school year. I have really enjoyed them so far!”  

5 students in Wisconsin Badger spirit-wear smile with Camp Randall stadium in backdrop.
Emma Lasecki (middle) at Camp Randall Stadium with friends.

Emma Lasecki (she/her) is a rising senior from Green Bay, Wisconsin, majoring in neurobiology with a certificate in entrepreneurship. She’s taking Zoology/Psych 523, a course for her major. This Summer Term Lasecki is preparing to attend dental school by studying for the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) and working as a sterilization assistant at a dental office. For her second job, she’ll be working as a swim instructor, something she has plenty of experience with as a former competitive swimmer for UW–Madison Swim and Dive. She’s also hoping to spend her free time working out at the Nick and hanging out with friends in Madison.  

Why Summer Term:  “I decided to take a summer course to lessen my credit load going into my senior year. By taking this course I’ll be able to take less credits in the fall and work during the school year as well.” 

Two UW students huddle in close to each other smiling in the crowd at a UW Badger football game in Camp Randall Stadium
Stefany Perez (right) cheering on the Badgers at a football game.

Stefany Perez (she/her) is a rising junior from Northfield, Minnesota, majoring in psychology. This Summer Term she’ll be taking Research Methods 225. Perez will continue her job as a peer mentor for a scholarship organization where she advises incoming students on all things UW–Madison. Perez says she enjoys being able to help students transition into the university, adding, “It feels very rewarding to help incoming students by answering any questions they have about college life.” She’ll also be working as a barista alongside some of her best friends at Prairie Fire in Union South.  

Why Summer Term: “I decided to take this summer course because it will allow for a more reasonable course schedule to manage in the fall. I like the extra time and flexibility Summer Term courses give me to manage school around my daily routine.” 

Thanks for sharing your summer stories, Badgers! 

Whether you’re finishing your degree, squeezing in an elective, or balancing schoolwork with an internship, Summer Term can help you design a summer that works for you. With different sessions and thousands of courses in person and online, you’ll get to choose how you spend your Summer Term.  

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