Senior finishing strong with summer courses

Austen Fen with his white puppy

Over the summer, we’re excited to share stories of students who are making the most of their Summer Term, both in person and online. We hope these stories serve as a source of inspiration and give you a glance into what life is like for Summer Term students.

Austen Fan (he/him/his) is a senior from China, majoring in mathematics and computer science.

What courses do you plan on taking this summer, and do you plan on taking them in person, online or hybrid? 

I am going to take these classes online, asynchronously: Literature in Translation 329, The Vampire In Literature And Film; Environmental Studies 251, Ecology And The Global Environment; and English As A Second Language 118, Academic Writing II.

[Editor’s note: Literature in Translation 329, The Vampire In Literature And Film was the 10th most popular course by enrollment in 2020. This course explores the image of the vampire in literature and visual arts as a metaphor for Eastern Europe and the Slavic world. It begins with folklore and moves through literary texts to film and television.]

What prompted you to take Summer Term courses and how will it help you meet your academic goals? 

There are plenty of Summer Term courses that fulfill general education requirements, which helps me graduate on time so that I can continue my graduate studies in September. I will be a computer science Ph.D. student at UW–Madison after this summer.

Austen Fan in cap and gown

Tell us about your experience with Summer Term and how it has helped you complete your degree. 

I took summer courses last year, too. The pace was fast, and the online format also adds a challenge. That being said, the professors and TAs worked hard to help make studying go smoothly.

Besides taking Summer Term courses, what else are you doing this summer?

I plan to do some research in theoretical computer science this summer, and I’m also creating a reading group for advanced computer science/math in Madison. If anyone is interested in joining, they can email me at zfan64@wisc.edu. I will also take some rest, of course.

See the Summer Term website for more information on getting ahead and achieving your academic goals with summer courses. Or contact us at summerterm@wisc.edu.

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