Students share favorite summer study spots

student studying in sunny spot in art museum

With warm weather and the arrival of Summer Term, students are sharing their favorite study spots, from the beautiful outdoors to quiet, laid-back corners inside. Summer Term provides students with loads of learning, but these spots make studying — and the Summer Term experience — memorable and productive!

Meet some rising juniors and learn about their favorite spots to hit the books and their summertime coursework:


Zephirine Zoungonou

Zephirine Zoungonou sitting on a yellow terrace chair in front of the lake
Zephirine Zoungonou

Majors: International Studies and French
Certificates: African Studies and Education Policy
Summer courses: ED POL 310 Comparative Ed, GEN&WS 103 Gender Women Bodies and Health

Zephirine enjoys studying on Bascom Hill and outside Memorial Union. Bascom Hill offers a jaw-dropping view of the capitol building and State Street. Plus, students can enjoy the fresh air. It’s “super chill and quiet when everyone is gone. When I’m done studying, I can go straight to get boba tea, then go for a walk,” Zephirine said.


Kate Lewicki

Kate Lewicki in the library smiling
Kate Lewicki

Majors: Communication Arts, Psychology, and Journalism on the Strategic Communications Track
Summer course: COM ARTS 377 Topics in Digital Studies

Kate likes to study at the Education Building patio as well as nearby coffee shops with outdoor patios, like Colectivo. Like Zephirine, Kate enjoys the peace and quiet of campus during Summer Term. These study spots are “outside and away from a bunch of people, so it’s pretty quiet,” Kate said.


Farhiyo Ali

Farhiyo Ali sitting with a friend at a table on the terrace
Farhiyo Ali, left

Major: Legal Studies
Certificate: Education Policy
Courses: ANTHRO 104 Cult Anthro and Human Diversity, ED POL 209 Intro Quant Methods in Ed Pol, BIO 101 Animal Biology

Farhiyo enjoys studying pretty much anywhere outside, but especially near Memorial Union or Lake Mendota. Farhiyo is also doing an internship this summer, so she will study while still being able to balance her work.

“Because it’s online, most classes are self-paced. It’s about working it into your schedule,” Farhiyo said, “Summer Term provides flexibility and convenience for schoolwork anywhere.” Summer Term offers some scholarships, Farhiyo added, which can be very helpful. And summer is a good time to get credits out of the way for students who have busier schedules in the fall or spring semesters.


Awa Phatty

Awa Phatty sitting with a friend at the Chazen
Awa Phatty, right

Major: Legal Studies
Certificates: Education Policy, Public Relations
Courses: This summer: UW Global Gateway study abroad; Various Summer Term courses in past years

Awa enjoys studying at the Chazen Art Museum and on the third floor of College Library near the windows overlooking Lake Mendota. The Chazen is a good place to study because “you can look outside and watch. It’s a quiet spot with a cafe, which is really convenient,” Awa said. She added that the library is a good study spot because “libraries are super empty in the summer. You won’t have trouble finding a spot. Campus is also pretty empty over the summer — there’s no crowded buses or long lines.”

Awa also enjoys the flexibility of Summer Term: “It’s shorter, so you can fulfill requirements in half the time. Although there’s more work, it is worth it,” Awa said. She appreciates the ability to balance school and life.


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