Isa Hernandez-White UW–Madison

Student’s summer internship empowers Madison youth

Rising junior Isa Hernandez-White is making the most of her summer with an internship at the City of Madison and a job at the Morgridge Center for Public Service, bridging her interests in counseling psychology and community organizations.

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Human Sexuality

Provides an interdisciplinary introduction to biological, psychological, and sociological aspects of human sexuality. Enroll Info: None

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Psych Effects of the Internet

Googling the question, “How is the Internet changing the way we think?,” renders no shortage of opinions – or fears. In this course, students will examine empirical evidence for whether the Internet is changing the way we learn, communicate, socialize, attend, develop, and age. Students will read and synthesize original research literature, which will be augmented with readings and videos from the popular press. Enroll Info: PSYCH 201, 202 or 281

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Research Methods

General characteristics of scientific method; use of experimental, observational, and correlational research designs; research methods used in psychological science; illustration of core issues in research methods taken from several areas of psychology; lecture, demonstration, and experiments. Enroll Info: None

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Introduction to Psychology

Behavior, including its development, motivation, frustrations, emotion, intelligence, learning, forgetting, personality, language, thinking, and social behavior. Enroll Info: None

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Abnormal Psychology

A survey course of psychopathology. In this breadth course, we will discuss the diagnosis and treatment of the major mental disorders. We will also consider the current thinking regarding the biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors that play contributing roles in the etiology and maintenance of these disorders. Historical trends as well as advances in neuroscience will be considered in terms of how they have affected our understanding of psychopathology. Enroll Info: PSYCH 201, 202, or 281

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Basic Stats for Psychology

Measures of central tendency, variability; probability, sampling distributions; hypothesis testing, confidence intervals; t-tests; Chi-square; regression and correlation (linear) and introduction to analysis of variance (1-way). Enroll Info: Satisfied Quantitative Reasoning (QR) A requirement; PSYCH 201 or 202 or 281 or concurrent enrollment

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graphic with sunburst that says Top 10 Summer Term 2020 courses

Count down the top Summer Term courses

Hard to believe, but Summer Term 2020 is almost in the books. It was an unprecedented summer, but about 10,900 students chose from nearly 560 valuable, thought-provoking courses that helped them get ahead of the …

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students working in a lab on a table with a beaker

Check out the top 10 summer courses this year

From accounting to zoology—with internships, study abroad and field experiences in between—Summer Term continues to add offerings. Students take courses on campus, online or both. Each year, we round up the summer courses with the …

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Bucky Badger peeking from behind a red Summer Term banner

Summer Finish scholarships help students graduate, save money and start working

Seated with his fellow graduates in Camp Randall Stadium at spring commencement, Brandon Arbuckle knew he had one loose end to tie up before leaving the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The journalism and history major from …

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