Trending: The top 10 Summer Term courses

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison has increased the courses available for Summer Term, from prerequisites to internships to field experiences. Among the thousand-plus offerings, which have the highest enrollment for summer 2018? Drumroll please…here’s the top 10.

  1. Chemistry 344: Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory. Introducing the basics.
  2. Pharmacy Practice 760: Elective Pharmacy Practice Clerkship. Students conduct patient interviews, provide drug information to patients and health professionals, and monitor drug therapy.
  3. Interdisciplinary Courses 375 (CALS): Special Topics. Subjects of current interest to undergraduates.
  4. Curriculum and Instruction 277: Videogames & Learning. Students reflect on the merits and drawbacks of videogames and how they shape the way people think and learn.

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  5. Gender and Women’s Studies 103: Women and Their Bodies in Health and Disease. Information on physiological processes and phenomena relating to women’s health.
  6. Curriculum and Instruction 675. A general seminar on educational topics.
  7. English as a Second Language: Academic Writing II. Covering critical reading, argumentation, research papers, and oral communication skills.
  8. Psychology 225: Research Methods. Exploring the scientific method in psychological science.
  9. English 145: American Dreamers. A study of novels, plays, poems, and films that focus on individuals who strive to achieve success and security in America.
  10. Economics 101: Principles of Microeconomics. A look at the economic problems of individuals, firms, and industries.