Count down the top Summer Term courses

graphic with sunburst that says Top 10 Summer Term 2020 courses

Hard to believe, but Summer Term 2020 is almost in the books.

It was an unprecedented summer, but about 10,900 students chose from nearly 560 valuable, thought-provoking courses that helped them get ahead of the game and get closer to their academic goals. Here are this year’s top 10 summer courses, by enrollment:

10. LITTRANS 329: The Vampire in Literature and Film. Explores the image of the vampire in literature and visual arts as a metaphor for Eastern Europe and the Slavic world. Students study folklore and move through literary texts to film and television.

9. E P D 397: Technical Communication. Communication for engineering, science and technology; theory and practice in planning, preparing and critiquing reports, proposals, instructions and business correspondence; research strategies, collaborative work; oral presentations.

8. (TIE) ECON 101: Principles of Microeconomics. Economic problems of individuals, firms and industries with emphasis on value, price and distribution of income. COMP SCI 300: Programming II. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming using classes and objects to solve more complex problems. Introduces array-based and linked data structures, including lists, stacks and queues.

7. PSYCH 225: Research Methods. General characteristics of scientific method; use of experimental, observational and correlational research designs; research methods used in psychological science; illustration of core issues in research methods taken from several areas of psychology.

6. CHEM 345: Intermediate Organic Chemistry. The second course of a two-semester sequence in organic chemistry, this covers diverse themes in organic reactivity, building on a foundation provided in Chemistry 343.

5. M H R 300: Managing Organizations. The management of organizations: strategy, culture, structure, teams, leadership, human resources, entrepreneurship and change management.

4. CURRIC 277: Videogames & Learning. Explores current research on videogames and learning. Students critically reflect on the intellectual and educational merits and drawbacks of videogames and how videogame culture shapes how individuals think and learn.

3. PHM PRAC 760: Elective Pharmacy Practice Clerkship. Experiential course that integrates prior course work in pharmacotherapy, pathophysiology and drug literature evaluation into the provision of pharmaceutical care to ambulatory patients.

2. BIOCHEM 501: Introduction to Biochemistry. Chemistry, nutrition and metabolism of biological systems.

And, the number one course for Summer Term 2020, with an enrollment of 313 students (drum roll) is …

1. CHEM 344: Introductory Organic Chemistry Lab. Introduces the student to the basic synthesis, purification and characterization techniques of organic chemistry, along with critical interpretation of experimental data.

Thanks to Summer Term students and instructors for making the best of out a unique summer. We knew that you would, and we look forward to Summer Term 2021!