Five ways to fall in love with UW–Madison during the summer

Library mall filled with students and food trucks on a beautiful summer day

Many Badgers fall head over heels for UW–Madison before pursuing a degree here. These five summer programs bring the next generation of learners to campus and immerse them in its most lovable features: academic excellence, welcoming students and staff, beautiful scenery, and memorable traditions.


High school students from around the world spend three weeks on campus studying English and getting acquainted with American customs. They also learn about some of UW–Madison’s science and business programs, meet students and faculty, and visit local attractions such as the Capitol and Memorial Union.

Business Emerging Leaders

The School of Business selects student leaders and academic achievers from many backgrounds for this program spanning three summers. The experience begins the summer after 10th grade, when students explore business majors, visit companies in the region, and get to know the campus. Learning sessions help them identify personal strengths and develop skills they need to thrive in college classes, internships, and business-world careers. Participants who ultimately major in business at UW–Madison receive a full-tuition scholarship.

Fifty students from around the world get to know American culture and UW–Madison before their first fall semester. For about a month, the group take a challenging English as a Second Language course focused on reading, writing, speaking, and listening. After class, they gather for outings that range from plays and concerts to cookouts and baseball games.

Summer Collegiate Experience

Students about to start their first year at UW–Madison live on campus for six weeks of classes, group outings, and more. In addition to meeting a diverse group of faculty, staff, and other students, participants strengthen their writing and critical thinking skills, adjust to the university’s academic and social environments, and visit attractions such as American Players Theatre and Devil’s Lake State Park.

High school juniors and seniors join UW–Madison undergrads for a creative journey in the Humanities Building’s printmaking and glass labs. When they’re not practicing woodcut relief printmaking and other techniques, they tour art museums and get to know faculty from the Art Department.

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