UW-Madison’s Summer Term is a chance to advance your degree, getting a prerequisite out of the way or focusing on a challenging course. And thanks to an increase in online offerings, it’s now easier to do that on your own time, from anywhere in the world. Here’s why six students chose to take a UW course online this summer.

In control of when and where

I’m taking Journalism 175: Digital Fluency because it’s required for my Digital Studies certificate. I decided to take the online course because it fits around my hectic summer internship schedules and allows me to ease up on my class load for the fall semester. I’m enjoying that I’m in control of when and where I decide to do my classwork, and it’s nice getting to have some summer contact with professors and TA’s I’ll study with in the fall.

–Mckenzie Halling

Professor is phenomenal

American Indian Studies 444 goes toward my environmental studies degree. The professor is phenomenal, and this is a topic I’ve been interested in learning more about. It’s my first online class, and I absolutely love it. I intern full time and travel a bit for work, so having a flexible class was a huge factor in why I wanted to take an online course over the summer.

–Iffa Bhuiyan

Something to do besides work

I’m taking Geography 370: Cartography because it gives me something else to do other than just working all summer! It also allows me to fulfill a requirement while working, and in a much more relaxed way. Online classes tend to be easier for me due to their structure and the ability to teach myself.

–Ally Burg

Lightening the load for fall

I’m taking Nursing 105: Health Care Systems this summer to lighten my course load for the fall semester, which will be my first semester in the nursing school. I’m taking an online course because I’m working two jobs this summer, so taking a course in person wouldn’t be possible for me. I’m grateful this course is online so I can go at my own pace and work around my schedule. A big part of our grade revolves around participation in online discussions, which I look forward to!

–Kayla Eileen Fisher

Learning on my own time

This summer I’m taking the online course Gender and Women’s Studies 103: Women and Their Bodies in Health and Disease because it’s required for the GWS certificate and is an elective for the global health certificate. I wanted to take this course online even though I’m still living in Madison because I work about 10 hours a week at my research lab and volunteer at many places. An online course helps me learn on my own time.

–Yang Chen

Keeping up to date

I’m taking Library and Information Studies 341: Managing a Web Presence to keep myself up to date on digital trends, etiquette, and tools. A lot can happen in the tech world in one summer. I haven’t taken an online-only course before, and I thought summer would be the perfect time to try it. I like the professor and adore Canvas.

–Angelica Garcia Requena