Four unique and unforgettable summer courses

Summer is prime time to try a deliciously different course. Here are four unique ones students are taking at UW–Madison this summer.

1. Consuming Happiness (Consumer Science and Religious Studies 173)
Drawing from psychology and economics, this course looks at ways consumers seek hope, joy, and other positive emotions through spending. Students also The musical Hamilton being advertised at a theaterdiscuss shoppers’ varying degrees of success in meeting this goal.

2. Hamilton:Hamilton signs A Cultural Revolution (Theatre and Drama 619)
With Founding Fathers who rap, a cast recording that hit the top of the charts, and thorny questions about whose perspectives dominate history books, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway smash has taken America by storm. The class examines the impact of this pop-culture phenomenon from a variety of angles.

3. Manga (East Asian Languages and Literature 376 and Literature in Translation 231)
Students learn about manga, the oldest, most popular, and arguably most influential comic book form in the world. Viewing examples of Japanese-style comic books and graphic novels is just part of the adventure.

4. Videogames and Learning (Curriculum and Instruction 277)
Guided by current research, this online course investigates how videogames can foster complex skills and forms of knowledge. It also explores games’ potential as powerful educational tools.

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